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NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!

NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mototrials Practice

Even tho it was warm over the weekend, practice is still full on at the Cramond's property.
All the pics are here;

But the question to be asked is.......
If one of our best riders in the state(Jarrod)  needs to be out practicing this early in the season, then how come very few other MotoTrials riders are as well????

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  1. An answer to the important practice question. The kind allowance to use other peoples properties is the only time I get to practice! Until now!! The backyard has the basics (centering, centering, centering) for "during the week practice" which i do every second day, apologies to the neighbours, damn heat, found a paddock behind work that has some sections including nasty sandy turns (centering) for after work every other day, hope i dont get fined, damn heat.
    I have the mototrial bug in a big way and have been practicing approx 7 to 8 hrs a week but i feel i need to do more! Need to practice sections and/or structures that i dont set or like to really apply what i have learned thus far, need to watch and learn from my peers. Then apply all to try and accelerate my skill as far as i can get it, it does takes far longer to know what i am doing wrong when riding by myself. If anyone else has the bug and wishes to practice as much as me get in contact. I should be heading to the "Knights" on Sunday if anyone is interested.
    Tony "Clubman, maybe C grade"