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NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!

NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

From the Trials Commissioner. Proposed advertisement for the 2010 Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Here's the proposed advert to go in next years Manual of Motorcycle Sport. Great idea, but this ad is seriously lame. None of the non riding people I showed it to could understand it.


So I put together this one ......

And yet more Frenchie stuff

And I stumbled upon this one quite by accident on the main French Mototrials site Trial-Club

Here's the link

Seems we're more famous than we thought.

Especially Dave Hunt who must owe PA one for modifying his pic so he appears in pink..........

and includes one of my favourite shots from this year...........

Frenchie Sidecars

and here's the pics that go with that previous you have already guessed I know stuff all about


SA Mototrials hits France!

And here the link to some sidecar fanatics from France. It appears we are not alone............ :-)

If you know French, your laughing. If you snoozed thru French lessons like I did then you'll need to translate via Babelfish. Great site......virtually 99.9% sidecar mototrials. (Lotsa Gassers....most important..)