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NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!

NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Here's the latest.

Need comment/ideas/criticism from Mototrials Riders


1.Set sections with lots of variety. 10 sections of nothing but rocks is totally unimaginative. If there is a creek use it, if the property has logs and a then use them.

2.Do set 80% of the sections that are within the capabilities of the riders they are aimed at. Setting sections that are too hard will only bend bikes and break riders. Said riders may not come back next time. If in doubt ask someone else for a second opinion. If still in doubt set the section on the easier and safe side. A rider with a zero is happier than a rider with a 5 and a funny limp.

3.If there is room for it, preferably set sections with multiple choices of lines.

4.Maximum of 3 splits per class,per section. No More. If any one class has more than 3 splits then that class wastes too much time walking and riding the section thus increasing queues at sections.

5.DO NOT set splits for anyone lower than B grade that will bend bikes and break bodies if they get it horribly wrong. Refer to No 2 for consequences.

6. Ditto no 5 for B grade Sidecars. Once again if you have not a clue then ask someone who does. If there is no one suitably qualified then err on the side of caution AND MAKE IT SAFE.

7. Have a clearly defined entry and exit chute to each section. This allows riders to enter and vacate a section in CONTROL. It also allows for any rapid acceleration required to be done in section where it is safe.

8. Ideally allow for whole section to be viewed by one obsever without said observer having to run a marathon to score a rider thru the section.