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NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!

NEW PICS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ossa TR280i Fajardo Replica

The Fajardo Replica has these added features over the standard TR280i model:

Magnesium Engine casings
Competition head gasket and improved torque in the entire rev range compared to Std TR280i
Magnesium Swinging Arm
Racing fork clamps giving improved turning
Racing cylinder head anodised Red
Two stage switchable ignition mapping on the handlebars
Red Anodised Racing rear sprocket
Frame trims
Fajardo Replica Decals
Handlebar protector pad
Radiator protectors
Exhaust protectors
Racing Headlight
62Kg (dry weight)
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OSSA TR 280i Test Ryde movie